Strength training can help protect the brain from degeneration

Brawn can be good for the brain in at-risk older people.


Use it or lose it – a guide to staying active at home

Easy-to-follow exercise advice for older Australians now just a click away.


Even more COVID-19 restrictions eased across Australia

The lockdown is working, the curve is flattening and some states and territories are starting to relax their coronavirus restrictions even more.


Why strength training is critical as we age

Regular strengthening and resistance training is beneficial at any age. However, for older Australians, strength training is critical. Physiotherapist Jason Lee explains what we should be doing.

Mind Your Own Retirement Podcast

Best exercises for over-50s

CEO of Fitness Australia, Barrie Elvish joins John to explain how you can access online fitness and exercise classes, and shares the best exercises for over-50s, so you can look after your physical fitness without having to leave your home.


Scientist warns of health risk posed by coronavirus lockdown

Prolonged pandemic-related isolation, physical distancing and workplace closures are leading a McMaster University researcher to raise concern over the health effects of inactivity.


Fitness is your friend – especially now

For older people and those with chronic health conditions, staying active at home is now extra important. Here’s how.


How exercise can help sufferers fight Parkinson’s disease

Exercise is important to all of us, but for those at risk of contracting Parkinson’s disease – or already diagnosed with the illness – it is essential.

Brain Training

Study finds best exercise to stretch your brain

High-intensity interval training and continuous moderate exercise deliver greater mental benefits to the brain than sustained strenuous exercise, a South Australian study has found.


Steppin’ out: Do you really know the health benefits of walking?

Walking offers health benefits to people of all ages and fitness levels. And best of all, it’s free and not difficult to fit into your daily routine, especially with Apia’s Steppin Out Walking Groups.

Brain health

Brain scans show benefits of exercise for stroke survivors

A world-first Australian study is uncovering the impact of exercise in helping the brain to recover after a stroke.


Study finds key to slowing progress of Alzheimer’s

Medical researchers hunting for a treatment for dementia are calling their discovery an “exciting revelation”.

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