Friday Reflection: Surprise ending to mask-making tutorial

A compliant Dianne Motton goes in search of fabric and a YouTube demonstration to get her mask-making ‘production line’ started as seamlessly as possible. So why was she shocked?


Victoria essentially heading into stage four restrictions: Premier

Face masks will be mandatory across the state from midnight on Sunday and other restrictions are set to apply from Thursday, premier announces on a black day for Victoria.


LED lighting and a high-speed camera show the truth about masks

LED lighting and a high-speed camera show which masks are most effective in blocking droplets and aerosols from talking, coughing and sneezing.


Major supermarket trials ‘book a shop’, offers tracking tool

Safety measures to keep shoppers as safe as possible during the pandemic continue to evolve with Woolworths and Bunnings offering new tools.


We need to wear face masks, say experts, and here’s how to make one

The heat is back on official recommendations on the wearing of masks as studies show they can protect the wearer from the virus when worn correctly.


Medical experts give their verdict on the value of face masks

Do we or don’t we? And if we do, when should we wear a face mask and what type?