You need to change your Facebook password

Facebook has admitted to leaving the passwords of up to 600 million Facebook and Instagram users readable by its employees for years.


How to delete yourself from the internet

If you’re worried that anyone can access information about you, fear not – it’s easy to make yourself digitally disappear. Here's how to do it.


You can now unsend Facebook messages with this new feature

Have you ever sent a message and regretted it immediately? Or have you accidently sent the wrong message? I’ve done both, with embarrassing consequences.


Everything that happens in just one minute on the internet

Have you ever wondered what happens in just one minute on the internet? The numbers are so big it almost boggles the mind, but this infographic will help break it down for you.


November 2018 Technology Update – What you need to know

As we get to the end of 2018, there are significant changes going on in the technology world, from updates, to new product releases to incredible new features on social media platforms.

Identity Theft

50 million Facebook accounts hacked and harvested for data

The details of 50 million Facebook accounts were hacked last month and have now appeared for sale on the dark web for $3.90 per account. What does it mean for your private data?


Apple launches effort to stop Facebook tracking users

Facebook’s ability to automatically track web users comes under attack.


Scam costing Australians thousands

This clever scam is now targeting Australians on popular social networking websites.


20 time-saving Facebook tips

Facebook is a great site on which to waste some time, so why not fritter your time more efficiently with our Facebook cheat sheet?


Elderly renter finds Facebook group is a friend indeed

A kindly property manager crowd-funded nearly $2000 to help out an elderly tenant whose Age Pension was axed, leading him to fall behind in his rent.


Did Facebook record your conversations?

Facebook has for years been keeping records of your smartphone activity for years, including the duration of phone calls, contacts' numbers and text messages you have sent and received.


Facebook data breach affects 50 million accounts

The largest data breach in Facebook’s history has seen over 50 million people’s profiles harvested for data, The Guardian reported at the weekend.

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