Income and asset tests

Postcode by postcode: a clever way to include homes in the age pension assets test

Under an Institute of Actuaries proposal, only retirees with more valuable than normal homes would face an assets test, and only on that part of the value that was higher than normal.

Income and asset tests

Carrot not stick approach sought in family home debate

Last week, Deloitte Access Economics' Chris Richardson said that including the family home in the Age Pension assets test was ‘the right thing to do’. Today, we present the views of other specialist parties.

Age Pension

Include family home in assets test: economist

As the Federal Government continues with its retirement income review, the family home is again under siege. This time from Deloitte Access Economics' Chris Richardson.

Income and asset tests

Why your home should be part of your retirement income

The family home provides people with the means to take care of themselves in retirement, argues economist Sean Corbett.


Poll delivers resounding verdict: Hands off family home

The Friday Flash Poll, Should the family home be part of the assets test?, drew a strong response from almost 2500 YourLifeChoices members – on many fronts.


How can sale proceeds be best shared among siblings?

Marina seeks information about the ramifications of her mother-in-law selling her home and sharing the proceeds among her siblings. She asks Noel Whittaker for guidance.

Income and asset tests

What YourLifeChoices members said on assessing the family home

Asset-rich, cash-poor – that’s the refrain of many older Australian home-owners as they approach retirement age. But what are their views on including the family home in the Age Pension assets test?

Centrelink – Services Australia

The Age Pension and selling the family home

Leigh is selling the family home but is concerned that having a lot of money in the bank will mean she loses her Age Pension and that she’ll have to pay capital gains tax on her windfall.

Federal Budget 2017

Scheme to encourage older Australians to downsize

Part of Scott Morrison’s housing affordability plan offers incentives for retirees to downsize. But seller beware.


Renewed calls for the family home to be included in the assets test

Tony Shepherd has renewed calls for the family home to be included in the pension assets test, to avoid a ‘bubble’ in the cost of social welfare.


Housing affordability in the spotlight after HILDA report findings

Within the next few years, fewer than half of all Australians will own a home, according to the latest annual Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) report.

Age Pension

Age Pension: time to include the family home

The mere suggestion that the value of homes be included in Age Pension eligibility tests draws much ire. Simon Cowan, Research Manager at CIS explains why it should be given more consideration.

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