Should pensioners demonstrate?

Jimmy thinks it’s time to take to the streets and let the Government know what you think.

Federal Budget

Sneaky cuts will cost

The removal of commonwealth funding for certain concessions could hit pensioners hard.


PM’s daughter received scholarship

The PM’s daughter received a scholarship after being recommended...

Finance News

Financial help with downsizing

June is looking to downsize and recalls hearing about a program which would exclude some of the proceeds from the sale of her house from the pension means test.

A fair budget?

Research shows poorest contribute the most.


Even Hilter has budget rage

This funny video summarises many of your views on the budget.


Blocking the budget

Both the left and right wing say they intend to block the Abbott Government’s first budget.

Bill’s Budget response

Bill Shorten delivered a stinging attack on the Abbott Government’s first budget last night.

Federal Budget

Best budget comments

YOURlifeChoices covered the Federal Budget 2014 topics which matter most to our members.

Federal Budget

Tax receipts for individuals

In a bid to make public spending more transparent, the Government will issue receipts to approximately 10 million individuals.

Federal Budget

Fuel prices to rise

The Infrastructure Growth Package will provide an additional $11.6 billion for infrastructure projects and will include revenue raised by the reintroduction of indexation of the fuel levy.

Federal Budget

Public broadcasters under fire

The ABC and SBS are currently the subject of an Efficiency Study, which includes a review of operations and cost efficiency, but cost savings have already been counted.

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