Federal Budget 2019

Federal Budget 2019 overview

We’ve dug deep to find how Federal Budget 2019 will affect you.

Federal Budget 2019

Treasurer spruiks surplus in an otherwise empty budget

Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg announces a return to surplus, along with tax cuts for low- and middle-income earners and a promise to cap taxes at 30 per cent by 2024-25.

Federal Budget 2019

Federal Budget 2019: The tax offset that doubled early

The government’s ‘immediate relief for taxpayers’ cops a whack.

Aged Care

Federal Budget 2019: More funds aimed to make a dent in at-home aged-care wait lists

The Government is providing $5.9 billion over two years from 2020-21 to extend the Commonwealth Home Support Program and ease pressure on demand for at-home aged-care assistance.

Federal Budget 2019

Federal Budget 2019: At least one budget measure is guaranteed

One thing is guaranteed in this Budget, but it may or may not influence the way Australians will vote. It’s the one-off energy rebate announced last weekend.

Banking & Investment

Federal Budget 2019: $607m to fix banking and finance

The Government – to its credit – pledged to take action on all 76 recommendations made in the commission’s final report and yesterday it backed up those claims with cash.

Federal Budget 2019

Federal Budget 2019: Medicare benefits from healthy economy

If older Australians are looking for where they will benefit most from a budget surplus, health is where they may find it.

Federal Budget 2019

Federal Budget 2019: Improved access to medicines and health services

More medicines will be more affordable, and Australians will benefit from improved access to health services.

Federal Budget 2019

Federal Budget 2019: Super changes minor, but helpful

This Budget delivers little for healthy retirees, but those still saving for retirement may benefit from the changes announced.