Federal Budget

Pensioners to get two more support payments, at reduced rate

The government promised relief for the lack of pension increase, but it falls short of earlier COVID-related support payments.

Federal Budget

Age pensioners to receive a budget boost, minister confirms

Minister for Social Services Anne Ruston says age pensioners can expect a cash boost in the October budget.

Federal Budget

No ‘adverse tax changes to super’ in budget

Senator Hume said the government will abide by its election promise, assuring Australians that there “will be no adverse changes to taxes in superannuation” at the next federal budget.

Aged Care

Consultations on where to spend Budget funds now open

The Department of Health is seeking input from a wide range of aged care stakeholders to ensure new residential aged care places are located where they are most needed.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Budget measures to expand robo-debt recovery scheme

Tuesday’s Budget announcement included a significant expansion of its highly criticised robo-debt recovery scheme.

Federal Budget 2018

Federal Budget 2018: Government moves to cap excessive super fees

Government targets the erosion of superannuation balances by capping excessive fees and safeguarding inactive accounts.

Federal Budget 2018

Federal Budget 2018: Money to keep Aussies in the home longer

The Government is moving to address the backlog of older Australians on the waiting list for home-care assistance, with a funding boost announced on Tuesday night.

Federal Budget 2018

Federal Budget 2018: One-year exemption from the super work test

The Government will provide a one-year exemption from the work test for super contributions to allow recent retirees to boost their balances.

Federal Budget 2018

Federal Budget 2018: Government aims to tackle healthy ageing

Aside from the tax cuts, one of the biggest packages in Tuesday’s Federal Budget was the More Choices For a Longer Life announcement.

Federal Budget 2018

Federal Budget 2018: Plan to end age discrimination

The Government has no plans to abandon its policy to push the eligibility age for the pension out to 70, but it is attempting to make the policy realistic by addressing age discrimination.

Federal Budget 2018

Federal Budget 2018-19 wrap-up for older Australians

Budget 2018-19 has also been called a ‘Baby Boomer budget’, but this is lazy shorthand.

Federal Budget 2018

Federal Budget 2018: The key issues for retirees

YourLifeChoices Retirement Affordability research shows how difficult it is to make ends meet in retirement. Here is what is needed to address this in Budget 2018.

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