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PM should focus on medicine not beer, says pharmacy chief

Call for PM to cut medical costs, not beer prices as promises flow in election lead-up.

Federal Government

Scott Morrison’s ministerial team looks far from match-fit

Political analyst Michelle Grattan outlines the challenges faced by the Morrison government in its election run, and why it may not be up to task.

Federal Election 2019

Friday Flash Poll: Who was your favourite prime minister?

Bob Hawke was one of Australia’s favourite sons, but was he one of our best PMs? Have your say in our Friday Flash Poll.

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ALP announces plan to help older Aussies get back to work

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten launches job creation plan, aimed at helping over-55s.

Federal Election 2019

The issues that will decide the next federal election

Will the party that promises lower energy bills get your vote? Will your decision be made on Age Pension increases? Or will responsible action on climate change sway your preference?


Government considers pre-election payment to pensioners

Age pensioners could be in line for a pre-election sweetener from the Government.


More text messages as we get closer to election: Palmer

It seems there’s no limit to Clive Palmer’s audacious political campaign – and the coffers to fund it – as the billionaire mining magnate claims he’s “got a lot of money to spend”.


Friday Flash Poll: Are unsolicited messages an invasion of privacy?

Many Australians are calling for a removal of exemptions to the Privacy Act enjoyed by political parties that allow them to access voter information and send unsolicited text messages.


One-in-four older Liberal voters will turn on their party

One in four typically Liberal voters say they will vote for either an independent candidate or the Labor Party at the next federal election.


Friday Flash Poll: Forecasting the federal election

Today, we’re asking you for your 2019 federal election predictions. It may be a while away but letting your party know now how you’ll vote may influence policymaking in the leadup to the election.

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Political pundits betting on the PM calling an early election

Political pundits believe that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull may be forced to call an early election just two years into the Coalition’s three-year term.


NBN: TV host blasts Prime Minister’s innovation claim

Outspoken television host Waleed Aly has taken aim at Mr Turnbull’s “age of innovation” claim amid reports that the NBN rollout is floundering.

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