Line in the sand

Tony Abbott reflected on a tumultuous two week in politics by admitting he broke his promise on no cuts to the ABC and that the buck stopped with him.


Will any legislation now pass?

What chance does the Government now have of passing any legislation?


Trade agreement signed

Australia and China have signed an historic trade agreement which, according to Tony Abbott, is set to “add billions to the economy and create jobs.”


Julie Bishop’s rising star

Julie Bishop has been voted Australian magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Woman of the Year.


Bill Shorten attack on Joe Hockey

Bill Shorten has called Joe Hockey an “arrogant, cigar-chomping’’ federal treasurer.


US readies for war in Iraq

US President Barrack Obama has signalled his intent to support the Iraqi Government against the surging Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and Tony Abbott hasn’t ruled out sending Australian troops to help the cause.


Mathieson hits out at first lady

Margie Abbott is not doing enough charity work, according to Tim Mathieson.


A weekend of politics

Politics has dominated the news this weekend.


Shorten calls Abbott a “oncer”

Bill Shorten has declared that Labor can win the next federal election.

Wedding expenses claims repaid

As Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott was scathing about the misappropriation of taxpayer-funded travel expenses, yet it seems even he was not above reproach.

Team Tony’s positive mantra

Tony Abbott’s daughters took to the stage to open the launch of his election campaign with the promise that he will look after the country the way he has looked after them.

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