Health news

Punish doctors who overcharge?

Australia’s chief medical officer wants to punish doctors who charge unnecessarily high fees.


New tech to help you save on fees

CommBank is targeting travellers with new technology that helps them avoid foreign exchange fees, extra charges and provides prompts for better travel decisions.


‘Are my fund fees too high?’

Mike is concerned that the fees he is paying on his pension fund for advice and administration are over the odds and asks personal finance guru Noel Whittaker for his view.


Ultra-low-fee super on the way

A day after think tank the Grattan Institute called for lower superannuation fund fees, financial giant Mercer and discount online retailer have delivered.


Ensure your bag stays under weight

Have you ever arrived at the airport and discovered your bag exceeds the weight limit, followed by being asked to pay an exorbitant amount of extra money by the check-in assistant just to get your luggage on board? Not any more …


Top 20 funds really ripping you off

The top 20 super funds in Australia charge their members around $3.4 billion combined in fees, but when you break down fees charged by some funds, you’ll see they’re quite reasonable.


$700b ‘lost’ in super fees: analyst

Superannuation funds in Australia are scrambling retirement nest eggs, according to a study, with an extra $700 billion in fees being charged compared with typical funds overseas.

Health news

‘Rogue surgeons’ slammed

Key medical bodies blast ‘rogue surgeons’ and warn of the need for second opinions after a Four Corners expose on patients charged thousands of dollars of out-of-pocket medical expenses.


Four tips to protect your super

A woeful investment return has made me more determined than ever to roll my money from a retail super fund into my industry fund, to stop it from falling into the wrong hands.

Banking & Investment

How banks rip you off

Studies have shown that loyalty for life to one of the major four banks is burning an $80,000 hole in your pocket. That is close to what a luxury car costs.

Industry Super Funds

Calls to clean up super fee-asco

Industry Super Australia (ISA) claims new fee and cost disclosure rules set to take effect next week will provide misleading information to consumers trying to compare super funds.


10 fees you shouldn’t be paying

If you notice that your bank balance is a little lighter than expected, you may be paying unnecessary fees. Here’s a handy list of fees that you simply should not be paying.

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