Banks cashing in on 'lazy' customers

We’re all told that if we don't like or aren’t happy with our banks that we should simply make the switch, yet only 40 Australians per week actually make the move.

Credit Cards

Will new rules put an end to credit card surcharges?

For years consumers have been pushing to end excessive fees for using credit cards and with the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) about to announce new caps, will we really get what we wanted?


Seniors fleeced on in-home care

ABC’s Lateline has reported that the level of services being received by seniors as part of in-home care packages is being eroded due to management fees.


Super fees can be super high

MySuper is supposed to be the easy, low-fee option for Australians; however, a failure to understand the rules may be costing you thousands in fees.

Mobile Phones

Telstra reduces roaming rates

In response to Vodafone and Optus severely lowering their global roaming rates, Telstra has also come to the party.


End of the credit card gouge

For years Australians have been paying over the odds for the convenience of paying by credit card. A new ruling by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) means fairer surcharges will soon be on the cards.

Death to the cheque

After a year-long review the Australian Payments Clearing Association (APCA) has announced that while the humble cheque will be allowed to remain for now, it will not be around for many more years.

Aged care reforms

A much-leaked statement by the Prime Minister today means the detail of a new approach to Aged Care is the hot media topic this morning.

Seniors Finance

Save your super

The recent share market plunge will have knocked 3 to 5 percent off super fund balances and with Australians on average having four super accounts, this is a large proportion of your retirement income. Now is the time to consider consolidating your superannuation and saving on fees.


Are you in the right super funds?

To maximise retirement benefits, investors must be proactive in managing their super, warns Jeff Bresnahan. Not surprisingly, some funds are better than others, and it is important that you know whether you are in a fund that provides everything you need for reasonable value. As most of us have never formally reviewed our super, right now might be the time to do so.

Will you get a pension?

Transferring your UK pension to Australia

Having a pension fund across the world may not be financially beneficial in terms of paying double fees and charges but how do you consolidate your retirement monies?

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