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Dodgy lender, powerless fan and airline advocate win Shonkys

Consumer group CHOICE names its worst products and services for 2021.

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The pandemic has changed the way we feel about energy usage

Australians responded to the pandemic by purchasing large appliances and white goods, but this has increased our interest in reducing energy use.

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Latest data shows shift away from cash is picking up pace

The Australian Banking Association has provided analysis that suggests the use of cash and physical credit and debit cards is on a steady decline.

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Why hasn't my package arrived yet? When will this problem end?

Delivery and supply chain problems are multiplying – and yes, it’ll probably affect Christmas.

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Pandora Papers reveal secrets of the world's rich and powerful

A global leak of nearly 12 million documents, dubbed the Pandora Papers, unlocks the financial secrets of politicians, billionaires and criminals.

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Expect parcel delays to continue through to Christmas: Expert

Industrial action, COVID-19 disruptions and Christmas-level parcel volumes every week mean lengthy delays to delivery times are here to stay.

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Your household power bills could be 15 per cent cheaper

Evidence from takeover bids for Australia’s last two publicly listed electricity network services companies suggests you are paying more than you should.

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Taxing wealth can solve ageing population's health woes

There is no reason why Australia's ageing population should put health budgets under pressure, given the amount of untaxed wealth in the economy.

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Check your bank statements: Surge in unlawful transactions

Australian Financial Complaints Authority complaints show it pays to check your credit card statement.

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Can financial stress lead to physical pain in later years?

Researchers have found that early stress can have an impact decades later.

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How to be more ethical with your money

Keen to give your finances an ethical revamp? Here's how to get started.


New reporting rules mean financial hardship must stay on credit report

Will this bill promote responsible lending or prevent people seeking help from their lenders when in financial hardship?

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