Eight ways to save money as a wedding guest

When you add up the costs, being a wedding guest often doesn't come cheap. Here are eight simple ways to cut the cost of attending a wedding.

Banking & Investment

New to investing? Key questions to consider

Vicky Shaw asks experts the key things newbie investors need to consider.

Health news

2021’s price of loyalty to your insurer: A 2.74% price hike

If you’re sick and tired of paying the price of loyalty, here’s what you can do with your health insurance.

Finance News

Flaw in banks' security costing Aussies billions every year

Finance watchdog says banks must implement stricter name checking on transactions, as Australians lose billions to scammers every year.


Major insurer taken to court for failing to honour discounts

Australia's corporate regulator is taking one of the country's biggest insurance companies to court over unpaid insurance discounts.

Finance News

Why hasn't my package arrived yet? When will this problem end?

Delivery and supply chain problems are multiplying – and yes, it’ll probably affect Christmas.


What to do if your super fund is underperforming

Last month APRA revealed the 13 super funds failing its performance tests, but what do you do if you are in one of these funds?


Your ex may be able to claim half your superannuation

It’s worth knowing that if you split, your ex could be able to file a legal claim for up to half your superannuation, under certain circumstances.

Retirement Affordability Index

How to ensure your retirement will be plagued by worry and uncertainty

They have been called the golden years, but they'll turn to tin if you make these mistakes.

Banking & Investment

Complaints about four major banks have fallen: AFCA

AFCA has released its complaint statistics for the past financial year, showing significant improvement from the big four banks.

Seniors Finance

How to navigate your way to financial freedom

Get started on the road to financial success with moneyGPS. YourLifeChoices members can take advantage of an exclusive, free Money Check-Up at


Products that will save you money

There are so many commonsense purchasing decisions that can save you money, but you still see people wasting money in these areas.

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