Finance News

Surviving a divorce financially

Divorce can be a lengthy and expensive process, so while you wait for it all to be worked out, here are a few steps to help you survive and keep your sanity intact.

Finance News

Money habits you need to break

Breaking bad money habits is the same as breaking any other habit. It pays to assess your behaviour and give yourself a gentle nudge towards change – for your hip pocket’s sake.


Aussies losing billions to ‘lazy tax’

A new report shows that Australians are losing billions of dollars each year by sticking with their current service providers.


Can money buy happiness?

A psychology study looking into consumer purchases has found that those who buy experiences are happier than those who buy things. Can money buy happiness?


Westpac’s rate increase “greedy”

Westpac is facing harsh criticism in the wake of its decision to slug borrowers with a 0.20 per cent mortgage rate increase – and there’s fears that other banks will follow suit.


Energy companies gouging consumers

According to a recent study, the electricity you actually use makes up just 11 per cent of your power bill, with up to 45 per cent going towards your provider’s retail competition margin.


Trans-Pacific Partnership reached

The largest free-trade agreement in history has been agreed upon by 12 Pacific-rim nations, including Australia, after eight years of negotiations.

Retirement Planning

Retirement Update September 2015

It’s time to spring into action and take control of your own retirement, health and relationships. But before you plough ahead, it’s important to understand the areas of your life that need a little attention and those which are travelling along just nicely. So, in this September issue of YourLifeChoices Retirement Update, we help you kick start your action plan with our quick and simple (How to) rate your retirement quiz.

Finance News

Money habits for happy couples

Managing your money and being on the same page with your partner about your finances will help you overcome one major challenge in a relationship – money.


Super tax breaks back on agenda

Financial Services Inquiry head, David Murray, has called on the new Prime Minister to reconsider his predecessor’s stance on superannuation tax breaks.

How much is enough?

Older Australians retiring in debt

A recent survey of more than 1000 Australians has revealed that older Australians are carrying higher levels of debt into retirement than the previous generation.


$60 billion sharemarket crash

Yesterday saw the worst day of losses for the Australian sharemarket since the global financial crisis and overnight trends in overseas markets suggest it won’t get any better today.

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