Living in retirement

Critical factor in retirees’ confidence

YourLifeChoices’ 2020 Ensuring Financial Security in Retirement survey reveals how 3000-plus retirees are coping with the effects of poor share market performance on their savings.

Banking & Investment

How to prepare if your job is shaky

Financial adviser Helen Baker tells what you should be doing to weather financial hardship.

Finance News

Actuaries lobby for $200 advice fee

Retirees should be able to access low-cost financial advice to help improve their living standards, says Actuaries Institute.

Banking & Investment

Save money and free up cash flow

Financial adviser Helen Baker tells how to save money by not spending money. So simple, but she has some canny tips that will help you trim, trim, trim.


Ignore this advice at your peril

The financial services royal commission damaged trust in the sector, but SuperRatings’ Camille Schmitt explains the dangers in turning your back on financial advice.


The price of advice

Personal finance expert Noel Whittaker tells how to choose a financial adviser and what you should expect to pay.

Mind Your Own Retirement Podcast

Re-educating Financial Advisers

Today, Stephen Glenfield, CEO of FASEA (Financial Adviser Standards & Ethics Authority) joins Kaye and John to explain why FASEA was set up and what Financial Advisers must undertake to ensure they have new minimum education, training and ethical standards. Also, learn the steps you may take if you are dissatisfied with your own financial advice.

Finance News

Distrust in advisers still rampant

Watchdog reveals that 35 per cent of Australians believe financial advice is too expensive and that its value and veracity is questionable.


Little trust left in money advice

YourLifeChoices’ members explain why they are less likely to seek advice from financial planners in the aftermath of the banking royal commission.

Banking & Investment

Royal Commission takes first scalp

The banking royal commission takes it first major scalp, hears shocking admissions of the dead being charged for financial advice, and the Government reacts, announcing tough financial and criminal penalties.

Banking & Investment

Revenue not advice AMP’s priority

Financial services royal commission told that thousands of AMP customer were charged for services never delivered.

Banking & Investment

Banks to be grilled on poor advice

The Big Four banks and AMP will deliver up some of their most senior executives for merciless grilling by Justice Kenneth Hayne when round two of the banking inquiry gets under way on Monday.

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