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Centrelink offers free money advice

Who better to inform you about your Age Pension and entitlements than Centrelink?


How planners may trick you

Despite the law now being very clear on financial advisers’ roles, the Government’s investments watchdog continues to catch out planners set on swindling you.


Can you get free financial help?

When it comes to financial matters, the best advice is tailored to your situation. So is there a way that you can access reliable financial information without a fee?

Finance News

Retirees seeking financial advice

When the FoFA legislation was implemented on 1 July 2013, it was immediately apparent that the onus on planning for retirement was being laid firmly in the hands of each individual.


How to take control of your super

Some people prefer to be hands on with their own money and while a self-managed super fund (SMSF) may give you the control that you want, it’s not the only option.

Finance News

Pros and cons of equity release

Equity release products have had their fair share of bad press, so it’s understandable that people are reluctant to commit without knowing more.


Don’t trust financial advisers?

You certainly wouldn't be alone, but what if someone could review the validity of the advice you’ve been given? Would this give you peace of mind?


Dodgy financial advice exposed

Amid calls for increased scrutiny of the finance sector, ASIC has released a shocking report revealing that over 200,000 Australians may have paid for advice they never received.


Watchdog to oversee finance sector

The big banks and AMP will fund a new statutory body that will mandate professional standards for financial advisers, in a move towards restoring faith in the financial advisory industry.

Retirement Planning

Financial planning myths busted

It’s easy to come up with reasons not to visit a financial planner. However, as it’s Financial Planning Week, we thought we should try and convince you otherwise.


No compo for financial victims

Big banks have claimed that they ‘don’t see the urgency’ in establishing a last-resort compensation scheme for victims of poor advice.


ANZ offers free super advice

In a push to help bridge the gender wealth gap, ANZ is offering free financial advice to women with less than $50,000 in superannuation.

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