More people seeking super advice

New research shows an increase in people seeking advice when switching super. But beware - the advice given may not be compliant with the ‘best interest’ rules.


Push for financial ethics training

In a move to try and clean up the financial planning sector, two of the big four banks have made a submission to Treasury recommending ethics education for planners.

Banks still behaving badly

As witnessed at the Senate Inquiry in Canberra into the scrutiny of financial advice yesterday, even the banks have been forced to agree that they are still behaving badly.


Register of planners launched

ASIC has made the first move to clean up the financial services sector with a register of qualified financial planners now online.

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Will switching save you money?

Many people assume switching to a lender with a better rate will automatically save them money but this isn’t always the case. Using an online calculator will soon let you know if there are real savings to be made.

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Who gets CBA compensation?

The Commonwealth Bank will provide compensation for those who were given the wrong advice for their risk profile. Do you have a valid claim?


Who will get your money?

After years of hard work, accumulating wealth and paying off debt, many people do not have a will. In fact, this is the case with 47 per cent of adult Australians. Rod Cunich of Slater & Gordon explains what happens to your money if you have no will or your will is out-of-date.

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The value of good advice

Proceeding through life without a succession plan is similar to sailing in unchartered waters without any navigational aids or emergency equipment. Your passage is full of uncertainty and potential risk, and without luck, you have no idea whether you’ll reach your destination. Being prepared for the future brings certainty, peace of mind and security, not only for you, but also for your family.


How can I clarify my succession planning needs?

Do you know whether your succession planning needs are straight-forward or whether you have family or financial circumstances which require special attention? Do you know where to start, who you can turn to for assistance and what it will involve?

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The cost of financial advice

Despite the importance of getting good financial advice, there are people who simply cannot afford this ‘luxury’. Subscriber Joy would like to know what you can do if this is the case.

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