Finance News

No faith in financial planners?

Many people seek financial advice from friends, family and websites, instead of seeing financial professionals. Is this a reaction to recent scandals? Have you lost faith in financial planners?

Finance News

5 questions to ask your planner

When dealing with a financial planner, you should always feel as if you’re able to ask as many questions as you need – just make sure you don’t forget these ones.

Money Q&A

Common questions planners are asked

Visiting a financial planner can be a little daunting. To help put you at ease and better understand the financial concerns people have, we asked Kane Jiang, Director of AA Financial Planning, the most common questions planners are asked.

Income and asset tests

When can I claim an Age Pension?

Martin is fast approaching retirement but is unsure when he can claim an Age Pension if he receives holiday and long service leave payment.

Finance News

Money management for one

While the end of a relationship is an emotional time, it’s important to still keep your finances on track. If you find yourself suddenly single, here are some simple money-management tips.

Mortgage & home Loans

How to change your home loan

Are household expenses in retirement starting to get you down, but are unsure how they can be reduced? Is scrimping and saving not working?


Don’t trust financial advisers?

You certainly wouldn't be alone, but what if someone could review the validity of the advice you’ve been given? Would this give you peace of mind?

Legal & General

Tips for choosing a financial planner

Choosing the right person to be responsible for your financial plans is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. These three tips may make the decision a little easier.


Banks need to change culture

The recent wave of scandals involving the big banks has led to the term ‘culture change’ being bandied about. But it will take more than a catchy phrase to rebuild the trust of customers.

Super Funds

Retirement ages and stages

Retirement should be seen as the chance to try something new and, if you’re lucky, take things a little easier. But to be able to achieve this takes good financial planning.


Redefining retirement

For those Australians contemplating their future in retirement, it will most likely have a very different look and feel than they imagined. And so, reimagining retirement is very much a necessity.


CBA to refund $7.6 million in fees

Customers of the CBA could have a fee reimbursement coming their way after the bank admitted it had not properly administered one of its products.

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