Finance News

Budgeting in retirement

YOURLifeChoices no-nonsense financial planner Maurice Patane shares his advice on how to create realistic and achievable budget.

Income and asset tests

Granny flat rules

Lyn would like to build her daughter a ‘granny flat’ on her property, but isn’t sure how this will affect her part Age Pension.

Income and asset tests

Rent a room

YOURLifeChoices no-nonsense financial planner Maurice Patane answers Linda’s question about the effect renting out a room in her house will have on her pension.


CBA chased victims for money

The implication of Commonwealth Bank staff in a $100 million fraud was allegedly ignored by the banking giant, which instead decided to chase the victims for the return of the funds.


Reversing retirement

YourLifeChoices no-nonsense financial planner Maurice Patane answers Bruce’s question about returning to work post-retirement.

Banking & Investment

An alternative to shares

Is there an alternative investment option to shares?

Mortgage & home Loans

Unlocking equity

Our no-nonsense financial planner Maurice Patane answers Shirley’s questions about unlocking the equity in her home.


Super fees bite into balance

Three-quarters of Australians know their superannuation balance off the top of their heads, but half don’t know what fees they are paying, which is a costly error.

Banking & Investment

Share-based insurance bonds

Can you buy an investment product without consulting a financial planner?

Banking & Investment

How much will I pay?

Shaun would like to know how much a visit to a financial planner will cost.


New rules for financial planners

Craig Hall from NICRI clarifies the new rules for financial planners.

Seniors Finance

Financial health checklist

Knowing if your finances are heading in the right direction is important if you’re going to reach your goals, or just trying to keep your head above water. YOURLifeChoices simple checklist will help you get your affairs in order.

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