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So you thought eating fish twice a week was good for your health?

A new study indicates that two servings of fish per week reduces the incidence of heart disease only among a certain group.


Fabulous Fish Pie

This Fabulous Fish Pie is a great alternative to frying your fish and potatoes. Wholesome, healthy and hearty, it is packed full of flavour and has a delicious creamy finish.


Fish Pie Potato Skins

These individual fish pies are not only cute but also delicious and nutritious.


Fish and Chips

It’s National Fish and Chips Day – just in case you needed an excuse to cook up one of the world’s favourite dishes.


Michelle Bridges’ Grilled Fish with Herbed Vegie ‘Couscous’

We’re urged to eat fish several times a week and Michelle Bridges’ simple grilled fish recipe is tasty and so quick to make.


Fish, Capsicum and Tomato Pot Pies

This style of pie, called a pot pie, is super easy as there’s no pastry base to fiddle about blind-baking before you add the filling.


Friday special – Fish in Paper

Fish wrapped in baking paper is a healthy and easy way to cook, and it will be ready in minutes.


Fish and feta with rice

This Good Friday, why not try our delicious Greek fish dish?


Easy Asian-Style Grilled Fish

We’ve really pared back the ingredients in this recipe to make it as easy as possible for you, but the combination of these six simple flavours truly makes for a mouth-watering dish!


Stephanie Alexander’s Speedy Steamed Fish with Ginger

With fish as an ingredient, this is not only a speedy dish, but tasty and nutritious when served with a salad steamed rice. From pantry to plate, it takes only 30 minutes to prepare.


Barry hated drones until a mate had a whale of a party

Barry used to think drones were an invasion of privacy and he didn’t like the thought of them intruding on his, or anyone else’s, space. And then one day, a mate went surfing.


We went fishing for jokes and hooked a bagful

Fishing for jokes, we decided it was time to mine one of the all-time great treasure troves – fishing, of course.

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