Taking more steps daily may lead to a longer life

Researchers have found that people over 60 who took at least 4500 steps per day had a significant chance of living longer.


Signs you’re not stretching enough

Stretching is the kind of thing we know we should be doing, but often find hard to fit into our busy lives.


Five of the best fitness trackers to suit any budget

Whether running, walking or cycling, these handy tech companions can optimise your activity.


Ignore these wellness trends to lose less weight from your wallet

Many wellness trends spruiked by untrained influencers are ineffective and, at worst, can be detrimental to your health.


The best health and fitness apps and wearables

The Australian Institute of Fitness has released its top 10 health and fitness wearables for everyday consumers, according to a recent survey of leading industry experts and professionals.


Five running shoes reviewed

Claire Spreadbury, Abi Jackson and Liz Connor try out some of this season's best new running shoes.


Morning stretches you can do in bed

Doing these stretches before you crawl out from under the covers will help set the right tone for the day ahead.


Exercising for two minutes every half hour could be all you need to do

A new study has found that light activity around the home could have profound health benefits.


Easy stretches to align your spine

Having optimal structural alignment means you have greater ability for free, easy movement. This can be achieved through simple exercises that aim to create flexibility and strength in the spine.


How to overcome these common barriers to exercise

Five common barriers to exercise - and how to overcome them

Brain health

Aerobic exercise could slow memory loss in those with Alzheimer’s

Promising new research shows aerobic exercise may help slow memory loss for older adults living with Alzheimer’s dementia.


Grip strength linked to mental disorders

Mental disorders such as anxiety and depression can increase physical health risks and are a leading cause of disability. Globally, depression and anxiety are the…

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