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Five best boardgame apps

Playing games has changed a lot since we were kids, with many of our old favourites being converted to smartphone versions. We take a look at the five best nostalgic boardgame apps


Five more favourite riddles

You loved our five best riddles, so today we give you five more of our favourite brain-busting riddles. Why not see if your grey matter is up for the challenge?


Five best brain-teasing riddles

While these riddles aren’t the most difficult ones, they’ll certainly put your brain through its paces and have you scratching your head.


Five things to do with eggs

At Easter eggs tend to be of the chocolate variety. But if you’re looking for some traditional Easter fun, check out these five things to do with the real deal.


Five best websites for wasting time

The web is great for work, learning and communication, but it can also be a wonderful place for wasting time. We’ve spent some of our time to show you how to waste some of yours.


Five best disco songs of all time

Disco is Debbie’s music of choice when it comes to spring cleaning. The YOURLifeChoices team has put together the five best disco songs of all time to get you in the decluttering mood. Do you agree with the choices?