How to correctly get off a plane

No-one wants to be ‘that guy’. You know, the one who stands up too early, takes up too much space and holds up a whole aisle of people while slowly unpacking their carry-on to select a fresh jacket. This step-by-step guide to leaving a plane the right way, from the Washington Post, will keep you calm and efficient.


Are airlines tracking you?

We all want the most affordable flights. But are airlines that promise us the cheapest rates using our data to inflate ticket prices?


End unwanted plane conversations

Plane rides are uncomfortable enough. Having to sit through a flight of boring banter with an annoying seatmate makes them even more so. Here’s how to avoid that scenario.


Time to end the armrest wars

When it comes to the middle armrest on a plane, it’s a free for all … until now!


Best free travel apps

Whether you’re looking for cheap airfares, half-priced hotel rooms or need someone (or something) to show you around town, Liv’s favourite free travel apps will have you covered.


What to wear on the plane

For those who often find themselves inadequately dressed at the airport, despair no more. Follow these seven rules and you will be comfortably and appropriately attired for your next flight.


How to dress up that economy flight

When the reality is that economy is the only way you can fly, don’t just dream about the perks of first class, add your own.


Experts tell all on missed flights

We all try to keep to the airport with plenty of time to spare, but if the travel gods have conspired against you, all may not be lost.


Handy jet lag calculator

Reduce the effects of jet lag on your next overseas trip by using a special calculator to receive your free sleep-schedule action plan.

Travel News

How to choose the best plane seat

Whether you’re taking a long-haul flight overseas or just popping interstate for a trip, having a good plane seat is always a bonus. So which seat is best?

Health news

How to avoid germs on a plane

Aeroplanes are great for travelling, but they’re even better for spreading germs. By following these tips you can avoid the worst of plane germs.

Travel News

Seven ways to land flight upgrades

Want to score a flight upgrade? With these seven tricks, you could be sipping champagne in business or first class on your next flight.

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