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Check out these superb travel deals

Get booking your next holiday with these unbeatable travel deals from Flight Centre.


Kiwi fashion designer gets creative to avoid baggage charges

Fashion designer Bruno Harding created a special coat for stowing extra clothes on a flight.

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Australia's overseas arrivals must now declare vaccine status

International arrivals to Australia must now declare COVID-19 infections, vaccine brand, and third doses.

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Get booking: Amazing deals from the travel sector

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on many a travel plan. Show your support for the tourism industry by looking into these unbeatable travel deals.

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Pets could soon be allowed to travel in plane cabins

Airlines will soon be able to decide whether our pets can sit with us on flights.

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Tran-Tasman bubble open to select states, with pre-departure testing

Trans-Tasman bubble reopens to a handful of Australian states with the new requirement of a pre-departure COVID test - even for fully vaccinated travellers.


Scientists working on an implant to make jet lag history

Implantable 'living pharmacy' could control body's sleep/wake cycles.


Holiday travel drives domestic airline recovery

Australians have been doing their bit to help the domestic airlines recover from COVID, with passenger numbers headed in the right direction.

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Singapore high on the list for next potential travel bubble

Singapore is likely to be the next international destination open to Aussie travellers, according to Prime Minister Scott Morrison.


Five of the world's most sustainable travel companies

Holiday responsibly by booking through an operator committed to social, animal and environmental welfare.

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Trans-Tasman travel bubble failed to inflate

Resurging infections have halted several travel bubbles, and unplanned quarantine is a risk tourists must consider.

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Does flight mode really matter when you are flying?

Matthew has been on plenty of flights where he has seen people using their phones with abandon and none have fallen from the skies. He wants to know if it is a con.

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