Friday Flash Poll: Are you lonely?

Are you lonely? How do you cope with loneliness? Why not take part in our Friday Flash Poll and help us highlight the plight of lonely older Australians?


Australians’ listening habits are changing. Are yours?

A recent study has revealed that there are around 3.5 million Australians who listen to podcasts, in what is becoming the fastest-growing on-demand audio medium in Australia.

Federal Election 2019

Older Australians weigh in on their favourite PM

Bob Hawke was Australia’s favourite prime minister, according to older Australians, with his nemesis John Howard in second place. But who was Australia’s least favourite?

Federal Election 2019

How do the major parties’ health policies stack up?

The Consumers Health Forum (CHF) has released a scorecard on how the major parties’ health policies stack up in this federal election campaign.

Federal Election 2019

Older Australians are tired of being treated like a burden

Older Australians are tired of being treated like an economic burden, say YourLifeChoices members, with 75 per cent saying they are treated as a liability by governments and the community in general.


Friday Flash Poll: Are older people a burden on society?

We want to know how you view older people. Are they a burden on society? Have their contributions been overlooked? Are you tired of feeling disrespected? Let us know in our Friday Flash Poll.


Friday Flash Poll: testing your knowledge about wills

The Friday Flash Poll tests your knowledge about end-of-life planning.


Friday Flash Poll: Has ANZAC Day become overhyped?

The ANZAC Day slogan is Lest we forget. Have we forgotten the true meaning of this solemn day? Tell us what you think in our Friday Flash Poll.

Federal Election 2019

Friday Flash Poll: Which election issue matters most to you?

A federal election has been called. The political players are ready. The banners are unfurling, and the battle lines are drawn. Bring on Federal Election 2019. Why not tell us what matters most to you?

Federal Budget 2019

Older Australians begrudgingly predict election result

The most recent IPSOS poll reveals that the majority of Australians feel the budget is the fairest in years, but you can bet that older Australians don’t figure prominently in that group.

Federal Budget 2019

Friday Flash Poll: Who do you trust?

Which party will be better for older Australians? Why? Tell us who you trust in our Friday Flash Poll.


Poll reveals how older people see the younger generation

YourLifeChoices members have their say on the younger generation, but is their assessment a fair one?

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