Health & Ageing

Friday Reflection: Wisdom of older Australians often undervalued

Tony laments that the experience of older generations is too often ignored.


Friday Reflection: More mangling and misuse of the English language

YLC member Terry Barbor shares some of his pet language peeves.

Federal Government

Friday Reflection: How Australia has changed in 40 years

YourLifeChoices member Frank reflects on the positives and negatives of 40 years in Australia.

Federal Government

Friday Reflection: Allowing industries to disappear

Theo R. reflects on why Australia was a much better country in 1966.


Friday Reflection: Weeping for the mangling of our language

Richard Burrell has a question for journalists who use the term ‘carjacking’.


Friday Reflection: Navigating the COVID-19 madness

Vicki Bennett believes now is the time to believe in the possibility of a better future.


Friday Reflection: The ‘oath’ we uttered daily – to what end?

The Patriotic Declaration has disappeared into history, but what did it teach us baby boomers?

Friday Reflection: The philosophical butcher

Butchers are a humorous lot. It must come from spending their waking hours hacking at dead animals.


Friday Reflection: Surprise ending to mask-making tutorial

A compliant Dianne Motton goes in search of fabric and a YouTube demonstration to get her mask-making ‘production line’ started as seamlessly as possible. So why was she shocked?


Friday Reflection: Perceptions and pathways for women

Dianne Motton remembers when the rights of women were shoved into the background.


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