Social Networking

The appalling role models influencing younger generations

Dianne Motton wonders what damage social media 'influencers' are doing to the young.


Films and books that changed your life

The other day on the radio an announcer asked the audience for the film that had changed their life – their ‘coming-of-age’ movie that had…


Schooling now and then

Teacher Dianne Motton reflects on how the education system has changed over the years.

Health & Ageing

Older Aussies’ experience undervalued

Tony laments that the experience of older generations is too often ignored.


More language misuse

YLC member Terry Barbor shares some of his pet language peeves.

Federal Government

How Australia has changed

YourLifeChoices member Frank reflects on the positives and negatives of 40 years in Australia.

Federal Government

Allowing industries to disappear

Theo R. reflects on why Australia was a much better country in 1966.


The mangling of our language

Richard Burrell has a question for journalists who use the term ‘carjacking’.


Navigating madness

Vicki Bennett believes now is the time to believe in the possibility of a better future.


Revive ‘oath’ for COVID dissidents?

The Patriotic Declaration has disappeared into history, but what did it teach us baby boomers?

The philosophical butcher

Butchers are a humorous lot. It must come from spending their waking hours hacking at dead animals.


Surprise ending to mask-making tutorial

A compliant Dianne Motton goes in search of fabric and a YouTube demonstration to get her mask-making ‘production line’ started as seamlessly as possible. So why was she shocked?

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