How to have a happy holiday with friends

So you want to travel with friends? Here are some tips on planning a holiday with friends that will make the trip memorable, but in the best way possible.


Learn how to make friends (and keep them)

Making friends may be the first hurdle, but being a good friend is the real skill. These tips may help you to create new friendships and learn how to maintain them.

Your questions answered

The gift of palliative care

Free palliative care services not only offer much-needed support for those nearing the end of their life, but also for their loved ones and carers. Here's how it works and how you can access it.


A personal carer story

Nan is just one of the many Australians who have provided care for family members.

Social Networking

Don’t miss friends Facebook posts

Facebook over the past few years has been overrun with ads and page posts which has led to them only showing a portion of your timeline.


Facebook makes all accounts public

The latest Facebook privacy update has removed the ability to exclude several key profile details from search results.


Simple Chocolate Sponge

This is a great standby recipe for when friends are popping round or as the base for something more spectacular. Try this chocolate sponge recipe today!

Social Networking

Notifications from friends

If you have a Facebook page, you know how long it can take to find the wheat amongst the chaff on your wall. A recent update to Facebook now allows you to receive notifications when someone you assign as a ‘close friend’ updates their status.

Tours & Trips

Meet the locals

Trafalgar offer the unique opportunity to spend time with the locals. You can share in family traditions, local customs and make friends for life with a Be My Guest travel experience.