ACCC reveals where you should be buying fuel to save hundreds

Motorists can save hundreds of dollars by shopping for petrol at these low-priced retailers, says ACCC.


Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day?

If you’re apprehensive about your morning fuel and how to take care of your body, don’t be. Here are three breakfast myths busted, so you can truly enjoy your meal!


The must-have fuel app for your next road trip

Planning a road trip across our wide brown land? The developers at WikiCamps have created a fantastic app to help travellers as they drive around Australia: Fuel Map.


Proof that petrol stations are colluding to rip us off

Australians are paying premium prices for petrol because petrol stations have been working together to rip us off, says a study into fuel prices.


The new app letting drivers lock in the cheapest fuel

7-Eleven has just released a smartphone app that allows drivers to ‘lock in’ the cheapest price for petrol, based on their location and real-time fuel-price data.


How to find the best-priced petrol

The dramatic rise in fuel prices in the last ten years has caused many Australians to re-examine the way in which they go about purchasing fuel for their car. Drew explains which days are the cheapest and how to find the best-priced petrol in your area.