Travel News

Travel-themed board games for those with itchy feet

These travel-inspired board games will help soothe the desperate need for a holiday.


Salma Hayek on being an action star at 54

Salma Hayek is somewhat in shock at the idea that she is becoming an action star at the age of 54.


Lost in translation

These warning signs from places all over the globe show just how funny the English language can be when it’s lost in translation.


Should you play music to your plants?

A gardening expert explains whether music can really help your garden grow.

Seniors Finance

Things you only know if you’re extremely frugal

How frugal are you? Read our list to see how many frugal day-to-day things you can identify with.


Do quokkas really throw their babies at predators to escape?

Australia's animals are wild, wonderful and sometimes misunderstood. Here are a few unusual animal behaviours explained.


Sir David’s animal magic

David Attenborough shares some of his special moments interacting with the animal kingdom.


Things you’ll only know if you’re a consistent plant killer

If you can't seem to keep houseplants alive, you'll probably relate to some of these thoughts.


Friday Funnies: Value for money

A husband and wife face a difficult decision in hospital, while our old friends the Englishman, the Irishman and the Scotsman walk into a bar.


A collection of quick-witted quotes

This collection of quick-witted quotes from the world’s most intelligent – and funniest – people will give you a unique insight on life. Or they’ll just make you laugh out loud. Either way, you win!


The emotional stages of looking back at old holiday photos

How much do you wish the world would reopen? Reminiscing about past trips can be fun, but it can also be quite upsetting.


What’s the oldest thing in your kitchen?

Our Facebook group members share the oldest things in their kitchens, many of which are still used today.

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