The rise and fall of Scooby-Doo

After more than half a century of mysteries, Scooby snacks and unmasking ghouls, we look back at the canine crime-stopper's enduring appeal.


This is how insects are eaten around the world

Eating insects, or entomophagy, is tipped to be the new faux meat fad for 2021. Sustainability experts say the food group is key to keeping the global population fed. Here's what delicacy to try where.


Mystery monoliths and how you can start a better conspiracy

The three recent appearances (and two subsequent removals) of 'monoliths' in Romania, Utah and California are intriguing examples of what can capture the public's imagination.


Things you'll know if you hate summer

Sure, there are things to love but it’s hot, you get sunburnt and there are bugs. These are the 12 things you’ll understand if you hate summer.


Quiz: How much do you know about space?

Test your knowledge of space, from the largest planet in the solar system to what causes a supermoon.


The car accessories that make driving a danger

Are in-car infotainment systems a distraction? Study reveals the truth.


Iconic fashion items from the music world

Jimi Hendrix's pink feather boa was sold at auction. Here are four more iconic fashion items made famous by musicians.


How did we think these hairstyles were ever a good idea?

These hair-raising styles are proof that the crimped, coiffed and permed styles of yesteryear ought to remain in the past.


Explaining astrology: It’s about more than your star sign

A beginner’s guide to all things astral by astrology expert Amelia Quint.


Friday Reflection: More mangling and misuse of the English language

YLC member Terry Barbor shares some of his pet language peeves.


Iconic food moments in films

Food has been the inspiration behind many films. Here are our favourite food moments to grace the big screen.


Age does not weary them – sexiest screen stars over 60

Survey reveals the ‘golden oldies’ who get our pulses racing the fastest.

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