Government doubles funding to tackle elder abuse

The Older Persons Advocacy Network will receive a $2 million boost to support all older Australians to access their rights when they are threatened by third parties.

Aged Care

Government releases aged care funding report

University of Wollongong report suggests five options for updating the aged care funding model, claiming the current model ‘is no longer fit for purpose’.


Medicare changes to hit chronically ill

Announced on Friday, the Government’s Health Care Homes funding policy could see those with chronic illness turned away unless they’re willing and able to pay.

Age Pension

Aged care: your most common questions answered

As people live longer, more will require aged care and, with the number expected to triple by 2050, a better understanding of the costs involved can’t come soon enough.


Abbott to bill for fund raiser

LNP senator Ian Macdonald slammed Mr Abbott for his tardiness after he turned up an hour late to the regular Liberal and National MP meeting yesterday, suggesting Mr Abbott’s priority should be to the party room meeting.


$1.2 billion more for schools

Today the Federal Government has announced $1.2 billion in new funding for schools

Legal Aid lets Aussies down

In the past week two serious criminal trials have been halted. In both cases Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) chose to only provide an instructing solicitor for one day of the trial in order to save money. As the Legal Aid system varies across the country, these cases would probably have proceeded in other states and territories.

Federal Budget

Better access to public dental services

As part of an overall dental funding package, $345.9 million will be spent over three years to reduce public dental waiting lists.

Aged care reforms

A much-leaked statement by the Prime Minister today means the detail of a new approach to Aged Care is the hot media topic this morning.

Foster Care is too expensive

Recently the New South Wales government cut the Foster Care Allowance for over 16s by more than $200 per fortnight.

It takes a village

It takes a village to raise a child, and I think we need to start opening our doors and our hearts just a little bit more.


Medicare-funded dental system

Tony Abbot called for the introduction of a Medicare-funded dental system on Tuesday this week. The Opposition Leader stated in his first major speech for the year that cheaper dentistry was “an aspiration not a commitment” and that such a program would not be possible until the Budget returns to a strong surplus.