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Most expensive cities to die in revealed

The average cost of a funeral in Australia is $7449, but you’ll pay more in several cities.


Save your family money and heartache

A pre-paid funeral ensures you get the funeral you want, while containing costs for you and your loved ones.


Your loved ones need your end-of-life wish list

As we near the end of our lives, loved ones may be left to make tough decisions on our behalf. This can be avoided by writing a wish list of your preferences, from medical intervention to a funeral.


Fascinating funeral traditions around the world

Around the world, funeral practices serve as markers of culture and tradition and help us understand different beliefs. From death beads to fantasy coffins, which of these unusual funerals would you choose?

Planning a funeral

Simply plan your own send-off

To relieve their families and loved ones of the burden of arranging a funeral, a growing number of Australians are choosing to preplan and prepay their own.