Friday Funnies: Wise words and new year’s resolutions

It’s that time of year to make – and break – resolutions, and Friday Funnies has a few wise words to contribute


Friday Funnies: Five of the best that are smart and funny

A young boy vs the barber, Satan and the three rooms in hell.


Friday Funnies: Computers vs cars

This week’s Friday Funnies are for all those who feel nothing but the deepest love and affection for the way computers have enhanced our lives. Sort of.


Friday Funnies gets a short back and sides

I went to the barber and said I wanted my hair cut like Tom Cruise. He nodded and put a cushion on the chair.


Friday Funnies invites you for a laugh in your PJs

Friday Funnies embraces the cosy side of comedy and invites you to have a chuckle in your PJs.


Paraprosdokians that will get you giggling

Paraprosdokians were apparently a Winston Churchill favourite. They're funny, but what the heck are they?


Friday Funnies from the heart – for the heart

What's the best way to keep your heart healthy? Laughter, of course.


Friday Funnies: Cats versus Dogs

The dog's diary and the cat's diary, plus texts from my dog.


Friday Funnies: Grandparents through the eyes of babes

This week’s Friday Funnies show us the real value of grandparents – tangible and non-tangible. Do any of these grandparent descriptions ring true for you?


Friday Funnies: Science says

These are the funniest jokes out there, a study finds.


Father Sean and Father Patrick

We thought you deserved an extra laugh, so this week you can enjoy not one, but three Friday Funnies. Find out how Father Sean and Father Patrick got it all wrong, discover what you should never do with a credit card and more.


Friday Funnies: 12 things my mum taught me

A dad outsmarts his son, the difference between heaven and hell and what my mother taught me.

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