Pet jokes

These pet jokes will have you chuckling.


Knights of the round table

What do you call a knight who is really into pottery? nSir Ramic n


Knock, knock. Who’s there?

Knock, knock. Who’s there? It’s Friday Funnies bringing you some short but sweet ‘knock, knock’ gags.


Friday Funnies: romance takes a wrong turn

Just because some romance may fade over time doesn’t mean humour has to. The gags from these couples may make you chuckle.


Christmas fails to crack you up

Share a laugh this Christmas with these epic Christmas fails


Friday Funnies: Anne Taintor

Haven’t heard of Anne Taintor? You’re missing out! Anne’s witty collages are a constant source of entertainment in the YLC office, striking the perfect balance between sharp and cheeky.


Fun, frivolity and the footy season

There’s double the trouble for a Magpie, Blues fans sound a warning and a grieving fan attends a Grand Final.


A little inspiration

Watch as this little boy inspires his mother on their living room couch by referencing his favourite film, to give her ‘strength to do anything she believes she can do’.


Realistic motivational quotes

Everyone loves an inspiring quote to motivate them into action, but what if the quotes actually had a realistic spin on them? Here are the best ‘motivational’ quotes going around!


Awkward fails to make you laugh

These human fails are sure to give you the giggles. From baby face plants, to snow dives and pure stupidity, see what people around the world get up to in their free time.


We Aussies are an ingenious mob

We Aussies are a pretty ingenious people. So, this Australia Day, we pay homage to 10 locals who made the best of their situations.


Post-Christmas Picture of the week

So Christmas is over, the new year is within our grasp and it's a time when some of us begin to feel a little melancholy. These pictures should raise a few people out of their post-Christmas funk.

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