The smile high club

In today’s Friday Funnies, a man and a woman sneak into an airplane toilet together … Gosh, what could they be up to?


Glaswegian Wedding

Today’s Friday Funnies take a light-hearted look at the Scottish accent. If you know anyone with such a brogue, make sure you be careful of what you hear!


Sex at 73 plus more

Today’s Friday Funnies take a light-hearted look at the trials and tribulations of ageing – but at least there is sex to be had at 73.


An old geezer in retirement

In today’s Friday Funnies, a cagey older doctor creatively earns money to fund his retirement, all the while having some fun by outsmarting his younger counterpart.


How the angel got stuck on the tree

Being Santa may not be all fun and games, but imagine what it’s like to be the angel on top of the tree? You’ll ‘crack up’ at the story of how tree topper originated in this week’s Friday Funnies.


When a woman loves a man

This week have a giggle at what happens when a loving wife tells her husband just how much she loves him. How does he respond? Probably not in the way you would think.


Jim Carrey sings White Christmas

Jim Carrey sings White Christmas on the Jay Leno Show.


A cat’s guide to Christmas

A funny video compilation of cat's at Christmas time.


Santa cheats death

Death is taking a holiday and is looking for a little Christmas cheer, but there's no bypassing the naughty list! A Christmas video which goes to show that you can cheat death!


Christmas cartoon compilation

A little festive animation compilation in commemoration of Christmas celebration!


This dog is not allowed on the bed

This naughty dog is not allowed on the bed, so his owner installed a camera to see what happens when the dog stays home alone.


Five best tennis shots ever

Now that the Australian Open has really kicked off, here are the five best tennis shots of all time. Do you agree? Or have you seen a better one?

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