Floaty pants are here and summer will never be the same

Trying to stay afloat can be hard work. Which is why some genius has invented a pair of pants that will so you can focus on more important things – like holding a drink.


The smart way to split travel costs

Travelling in a group can be trying for many reasons, without having to worry about money. Thankfully, SJ recently discovered a way to ensure that no one ends up out of pocket.


Forget thongs – there’s a new must-have holiday footwear

Forget thongs, an Italian company has designed stick-on soles to keep your feet protected while you walk freely wherever you want.


Suitcases just got a major makeover from this famous brand

Known for their next level (and not inexpensive) prams, Bugaboo has branched out to suitcases – redesigning the way you transport your luggage completely.


Are these the most packable shoes ever?

The brains behind toe socks have extended the barefoot revolution to travel. Their latest shoes pack down to the size of your fist and are arguably your suitcase’s new best friend.


One of the best travel apps around

Gone are the days of trying to compile or print all your travel information, there’s an app that will do that for you and even allow you to share it with friends or family back home.


Got glasses? This travel gadget is for you

It can be easy enough to break your glasses at the best of times let alone when you’re on the road travelling. Thankfully there’s now an easy way to carry multiple pairs with care.


Don’t trust TripAdvisor? Meet Foursquare

Love it or hate it, TripAdvisor does have its purpose when it comes to travelling. That is, it did until this app stole its thunder – less the ranty reviews and self-promotion.


Menus, street signs, transport information – this app can read it all

Travelling in a foreign country can be challenging given the language barriers. Imagine if you could just point your phone and translate words you see? There’s an app for that.


Three essential apps for group travel

While group travel can be full of good laughs it usually doesn’t come without its challenges. These three apps will ensure minimal cat herding on your next group sortie.


Here’s how to travel with jewellery

Anyone who’s ever spent half an hour attempting to untangle a necklace knows that travelling with jewellery can be a nightmare. Thankfully, this pouch solves that problem.


Never use a hotel safe again

Forget trying to set and remember the code to your hotel room safe. Pacsafe has developed a portable version that ensures your valuables are secure, wherever you are.

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