Immediate cuts to power bills

Following political pressure from the Coalition Government, several electricity companies –including the big three – have committed to passing on savings to long-time customers.


Explained: why gas prices jump in winter

It is a painful fact of life for consumers that in a market economy, when demand for a resource goes up, so does its price – and that is why your gas bill skyrockets over winter.


Pain keeps coming with gas price projections

Some households will need to find an extra $400 by 2019, says report.

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Discount energy plans

Victorian seniors are being encouraged to take advantage of big savings now available on electricity and gas bills through the Victorian Seniors Card program.

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Electricity and gas bills are on the rise…

Electricity and gas prices are skyrocketing around the country. The rate rises are especially affecting pensioners and those on fixed incomes. YOURLifeChoices is committed to helping you reduce your power bills and make your life that little bit easier.