Equality, meritocracy or opportunity?

Both men and women have the capacity to be ‘true’, but does a politician? Will the country benefit from having more women in Parliament? What would restore your faith in Australian politics?


More Andrews than women at the top

Female representation on ASX 200 boards hits its highest ever rate of 26.6 per cent.


Why are women still paid less?

Think women have reached financial equality with men? Think again. According to the ACTU, men are still being paid an average of 20 per cent more than women for the same jobs.


AFL presidents put their feet in it

The AFL has found itself embroiled in yet another furore over women, with two of its club presidents and a former coach making light of violence against women.


Senate inquiry into gender super gap

Australian women, on average, retire with about half the retirement savings of men, but a Senate inquiry into improving the finances of retired women could rectify this.

Top five worldwide scams

Top five worldwide scams everyone should watch out for.