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Can Diane gift her sick grandson?

Diane would like to help her sick grandson receive some much-needed treatment and would like to know if gifting the money would affect her Age Pension.

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Accepting gifts to buy a house

Toni wants to know if her Carer Payment will be affected if her brother helps her buy a new house.

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When a gift isn’t so welcome

Chris’s father would like to gift her some money, but both are unsure if his Age Pension and her Widow’s Allowance will be affected. We clarify the rules.

Age Pension

Will a gift affect my pension?

May is thinking of gifting $10,000 to her son and her grandchildren. But she’s unsure if that means her Age Pension will be affected.

Age Pension

Will a loan affect my Age Pension?

Rosemary has recently received a tax refund but is unsure if she needs to report it to Centrelink, and, if she lends her son money, will her Age Pension be affected?

Age Pension

Gift in time saves Age Pension

Known as gifting, giving away your major assets for less than they are worth or even for free can cost you your full Age Pension for five years.

Age Pension

How is a reverse mortgage assessed?

Diane would like to take out a reverse mortgage to help her children financially but is concerned that her Age Pension will be affected, despite being told it won’t be.


Can you gift as much as you like?

Mal’s mother would like to gift her sons a substantial amount of money. Although she doesn't receive an Age Pension, is she free to give away as much as she wants?

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Can an executor delegate the task?

YourLifeChoices’ estate planning expert Rod Cunich receives a lot of questions about wills and, you guessed it, estate planning, Today, he answers member questions about executors, gifting and donating property to charity.

Income and asset tests

Should I lend my son money?

Joan is considering giving her son some assistance to help him buy a home, but she’s unsure whether she should simply let him save a bit harder.


Do will bequeaths count as gifting?

Circumstances can change considerably when your partner dies. You may find yourself exceeding the Age Pension asset threshold, but does gifting apply if you bequeath in a will?

Age Pension payment rates

Centrelink assessment of gifts

Will a gift of $10,000 affect the Age Pension of the recipient? What are Centrelinks gifting rules or limits on monetary gifts for those on the Age Pension?

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