Simple Ginger Rocky Road

If you have a sweet tooth, we have you covered with this recipe. Our Simple Ginger Rocky Road is not for those looking for a low-sugar treat. Sometimes though, it’s nice to be a little indulgent.

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Pear and Ginger Muffins

Got friends coming over for afternoon tea? Or are you minding the grandkids? Then our Pear and Ginger Muffins are the treat to make for your loved ones – they’ll love you for it too!


Ginger Walnut Baked Pear

While our Ginger Walnut Baked Pear is a deliciously healthy dessert for one, but why not double the recipe to serve a loved one or for leftovers the next day


Avocado and Almond Tagliatelle

What better dish to eat on a cold winter’s night then a tasty bowl of pasta? Try this simple and quick recipe for Avocado and Almond Tagliatelle.

Cakes & Baking

Coconut and Ginger Pie

This Coconut and Ginger Pie sets up into a moist, golden-brown cake. Be sure to keep an eye out for unauthorised taste-testers when making it the night before you intend to serve.


Join the ginger revolution

While the same great taste remains, the spicy flavour sensation is set for a makeover!

Cakes & Baking

Fat-Free Ginger Snaps

Now take notice, these tasty little biscuits may be fat free but the sugar content is quite high. We would suggest that these biscuits be a very occasional treat.


Lime and Ginger Fish Parcels

Steamed in their own juices, Lucy’s Lime and Ginger Fish Parcels are quick and easy to make and a low-fat way to enjoy your protein!