Win a Home Fires series 1–2 box set

Home Fires follows a group of inspirational women in rural Cheshire, England, during World War II. Today, you can enter our competition to win a Home Fires series 1–2 DVD box set.


Win Concussion on DVD

Concussion is a hard-hitting film based on the true story about a brave forensic neuropathologist who takes on one of the most powerful sporting institutions in the world. Today, you can win it on DVD.


The largest giveaway in TV history

Comedian John Oliver has staged what could be the largest giveaway in television history, buying, then forgiving, medical debt totalling almost US$15 million.


Win a Grand Designs Revisited DVD

From a handmade house of straw to a home embedded in a water tower, Grand Designs' presenter Kevin McCloud has seen it all. And you could too, should you win a Grand Designs Revisited DVD.


Win The Night Manager on DVD

Based on John le Carré's novel of the same name, The Night Manager has been brilliantly adapted for the screen and you could win a DVD of the series by entering our competition.


Win a pack of Barnana snacks

Barnana is a super potassium snack that is as healthy for you as it is for banana farmers. The goodness of bananas has now been condensed into bite-sized bits and, best of all, you can win a packet to try for yourself!


Win a DVD of the Konga Workout

Finding time to exercise is hard enough, but if you win the Konga Workout on DVD, you’ll be able to have a fun and effective workout class without even leaving home.


Win Jack Irish: Dead Point on DVD

Jack Irish: unshaven lawyer, dodgy debt collector, gambolling gambler, bloody nuisance. He’s also favourite TV-viewing for many YourLifeChoices' members. Today, you can win a DVD of the movie Jack Irish: Dead Point.


Win War and Peace on DVD

Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace is widely regarded as one of the greatest stories ever written, and has been enjoyed by generations. It’s also been remade into a BBC drama series. Do you want to win season one on DVD?


Win Togetherness on DVD

Togetherness is a new HBO series about four adults living together and trying to keep their dreams alive as they approach 40. Some people have it all figured out. These are not those people. Win it on DVD.


Win Black Mass on DVD

Black Mass, starring Johnny Depp and Australia’s Joel Edgerton, is a compelling true-life tale of the unholy alliance between one of North America’s most famous gangsters and the FBI.


Win a DVD copy of The Gift

The Gift, written and directed by Aussie Joel Edgerton, is a chilling new psychological thriller that will leave you guessing until the very end, and you could win a copy on DVD.

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