How to use Google Maps to save your parking location

There’s nothing more frustrating than forgetting where you parked your car and being unable to find it. The latest update of Google Maps solves this problem for you.


This app can share your real-time location

Hidden inside Google’s mapping software, Google Maps, is the ability for the user to allow someone to be able to track your location for a set duration or indefinitely.


How Google plans to kill off the password

Google is looking to make the internet a safer and far more secure place for all users. The latest update from Google spells the end of the ‘password’ over the next decade


Gmail updates functionality to make email easier

While Gmail has kept things ‘as is’ over the past few years, the latest update for Gmail on desktops is of great significant to those used to a more traditional setup in Microsoft Outlook.


How to remove your house from Google Street View

Privacy is becoming a thing of the past, but if you’re eager to reclaim some while you can, then removing your house from Google Street View is a good place to start.


Seven super (free) travel apps

Whether you’re looking for cheap airfares, half-priced hotel rooms or need someone (or something) to show you around town, Liv’s favourite free travel apps will have you covered.


Why you need to upgrade to Firefox now

Don’t get caught out using an unsecure and sluggish web browser. Upgrade yours today to ensure you’re surfing the net in the safest and speediest way.


Apple and Google want you to use your smartphone less

Have these tech giants had a change of heart, or are they merely responding to bad press about overuse of smartphones and technology?


ACCC to investigate how Google uses your data

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is investigating Google, after claims that the tech giant is using customers’ data plans to secretly track their movements.


There's more to Google than search: five things you didn’t know Google could do

We all use Google to search the internet, but did you know there’s a lot more that Google can do for you? Find out five things you didn’t know Google could do.


Gmail’s game-changing privacy tool protects your emails

Used by more than 1.4 billion people worldwide, Gmail is now the most used email provider. Within weeks, users of the Gmail service can expect significant changes to the system and increased options.


Five cool Google search tricks

Google is arguably one of the best – and fastest – search engines. But are you making the most of it? Here are five cool Google search tricks.

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