Health news

Older and poorer see GPs most

A report released today by the National Health Performance Authority (NHPA) has revealed that Australians who visit the doctor most often are more likely to be older and poorer.


Government gives back your money

Today the Abbott Government is expected to reverse legislation that moves inactive account balances after just three years.


Coalition pushes pension review

In a response to negative publicity surrounding proposed changes to pensions, the Federal Government has offered to set up an independent review of pension rates.


Backbenchers target pension cuts

Liberal MP Andrew Laming told Fairfax Media yesterday that a group of government backbenchers have been pushing for Prime Minister Tony Abbott to reconsider legislation changes which may reduce the pension.

Federal Budget

Millionaire pension payments

A recent study has shown that retirees who are considered ‘asset rich’ have been receiving government handouts worth around $500 million per year.


AMA calls on PM to fix Medicare

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) believes that a priority for ‘good Government’ is to review and rehabilitate its unpopular health policies.


Protect the Age Pension

Will you hold Mr Abbott to his promise on the eve of the 2013 election that there would be "no changes to pensions"


$7 GP co-payment on chopping block

Due to the inevitable defeat of the legislation in the Senate, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has all but walked away from his government’s $7 GP co-payment proposal.

Abbott, Shorten tied for PM vote

Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten are tied as preferred Prime Minister.

Goodbye Gough

Gough Whitlam was a giant of a man – and a giant among men. Our 21st Prime Minister came to power in 1972 on a tide of change after 23 years of conservative government.


Parliamentary burqa ban

Prime Minister Tony Abbott says he doesn’t support banning the burqa from being worn in Australia, but he appears to back a ban on the burqa being worn in Parliament House.


Law changes will damage privacy

New anti-terror laws expected to pass the senate this week will give ASIO powers to monitor the activity of anyone, anywhere at any time.

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