Federal Budget 2013-14

Challenge of natural disasters

Those affected by Australia’s spate of natural disasters over the last few years are not only trying to rebuild their lives, but are struggling to insure against further catastrophes. To reduce insurance premiums, the Government is investing $100 million in natural disaster mitigation.

Who’s really rotten?

An email from the Liberal Party claims “40,000 illegal arrivals under Labor”

Government grab for inactive bank accounts

As of May this year any bank account which has not seen activity for three years can be transferred into the Government’s hands. Previously the account had to have been inactive for seven years, but the Federal Government rushed the legislation amendment through late last year in a bid to raise $109 million this financial year (it is unclear how they have arrived at this figure).

Hurry up and die

The Deputy Prime Minister of Japan has been reported as saying older Japanese who are dependent on life-support should “hurry up and die” so they stop draining the economy of funds. Mr. Taro Aso made this statement at a social security reform meeting. Referring to those unable to feed themselves as ‘tube people’, he said that it was costing the Japanese Government tens of millions of yen to keep them alive. Mr. Aso went on to say that older people who are near the end of their life ‘should feel guilty about draining the Government’s health budget and refuse medical treatment’.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Centrelink concession card blunder

Not only are single parents due to have their Newstart Allowance cut, they have also been erroneously told that they must cut up the concession cards which grant them discounts to utilities, public transport and medical services.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Record abuse of Centrelink staff

It seems that tensions at Centrelink offices are boiling over, with a reported increase in the number of acts of aggression against Centrelink staff.

Dole bludgers bleed millions from taxpayers

Recently released figures show that 105 Victorians have been out of work for more than two decades, claiming the equivalent of $26 million in payments.…

Government backflip on asylum policy

Following an independent report on asylum seekers, produced by an expert panel, the Government has decided to adopt all 22 recommendations, and will today aim to reintroduce its migration bill to Parliament.

$4.6 billion NBN blowout

The Federal Government owned NBN Co yesterday announced that the National Broadband Network (NBN) project will cost an additional $4.6 billion to build and operate than expected.

Work Bonus

Government benefits to working longer

YOURLifeChoices member Dennis has continued to work past the age of 65 but isn’t aware of any benefits to which he may be entitled. Debbie has a timely reminder of what his entitlements may be.

Government to blame for Olympic failure

The blame for Australia’s below par performance has fallen at the feet of the Federal Government, with Olympic Chief John Coates citing the lack of a compulsory school sports policy as reason for the athletes’ failure.

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