GP visits too costly for 1.3m needing treatment: report

Fifty per cent of Australian patients pay part of the cost of non-hospital Medicare services, according to a new report. And 1.3 million reported delaying or not seeking treatment because of costs.


The patient communication tool revolutionising GP visits

Having a consultation with a GP isn’t just about improving your health, it is also a chance to understand what is happening to your body and the role you can play in your own health care.


Medicare rebate is sick and must be lifted, say GPs

An increasing number of doctors are turning away people with complex problems in order to see enough patients to maintain a profitable practice and meet any loan repayments.


New app lets you see your doctor without waiting

A new app called doctoroo enables you to have a short consultation with a GP of your choice in a digital clinic, free of waiting-room germs.

Health & Ageing

Asking your doctor these questions could be beneficial

Being prepared when visiting the doctor is the best way to ensure you get the right treatment. These 10 questions will help you to avoid unnecessary tests and stay in control of your health.


GP fees rise to $78 from 1 November

Today the AMA prepares to recommend a hike in GP fees and the standard cost of a 20-minute visit to the doctor is expected to rise from 1 November.


GP waiting times fall

A decrease in the waiting time to see a GP has been reported. Have you noticed a difference?


Telco invests in e-health

Telstra has announced the creation of a new business unit targeting the e-health sector and has invested $100 million over the past 12 months to launch its first products.

Health & Ageing

Health tips for over 50s

As people move into their 50s, 60s and beyond, health problems may become more numerous and more varied.


Can you get your hearing checked before Christmas?

Yes you can! Many people think they need to get a referral from their GP to get a hearing test, but this is not the case. In fact, AudioClinic offers free hearing tests at over 200 locations around Australia.

Men's Health

What men need to know

What do men need to know and do in order to live a longer and, more importantly, better quality of later life? The answer to this question is quite simple. Primarily, men need to schedule an annual check-up with their GP. It is that simple.

Computer Tutorials

Free find a doctor App

Yet more proof that smartphones are becoming an essential part of any travel kit is the release of a new iPhone App which enables you to find your nearest GP, anywhere in Australia. Best of all, it’s free.