Using your smartphone to navigate

This quick video will show you how you can simply and safely use your smartphone as a GPS navigator, complete with automatic voice directions.


Would you feel safe being GPS tracked?

Former Victoria Police chief commissioner Kel Glare has suggested that every new car sold should be fitted with a GPS tracking device in an effort to deter and prevent crimes.


Common abbreviations flummox GPs

GPs are failing to understand the common abbreviations used in hospital discharge letters and this could contribute to the illness or even death of their patients.


Technology for safer driving

Technology is a significant part of everyday life, and these clever inventions are designed to help you stay safe on the road.


TrackR Bravo item-tracking device

TrackR Bravo is the thinnest item-tracking device available, and it’s here to make sure you never lose your keys, wallet or valuables again.

Software & Downloads

Get the new Google Maps

Google Maps’ most recent update brings numerous new features. Find out what’s on offer and how you can get the update right now.


The future of technology 2013

Drew looks forward to the technology sector for next year and shares what is to come.


Locate your missing Android device

Five years after the launch of its Android software, Google has finally released software to help Android users find their phone.

Technology News

Motorist fines skyrocket

Over 11,000 motorists in NSW have been fined a combined $3.3 million


Google indoor maps

Google has launched indoor maps for 200 locations across the country.

Health care misses the mark

A study of 1154 patients between 2009-10 has found that in 43 per cent of cases, people were given inadequate medical care and attention. Researchers from the Universities of New South Wales and South Australia reviewed the care and advice given in 35,573 consultations from 107 general practitioner clinics, 53 specialist clinics and 33 hospitals.