NBN Senate Inquiry to be disbanded

Liberal Senator Cory Bernardi is set to introduce a motion into the Senate today to disband the current NBN Senate Inquiry. The motion is expected to pass.


Call to drop GP fee for pensioners

Terry Barnes, former policy consultant to Tony Abbott and the person responsible for recommending a GP fee to the Commission of Audit, came out yesterday and suggested that payments to carers and pensioners should be increased to soften the impact of the fee. This compensation could come in the form of a “one-off adjustment of $70,” said Mr Barnes.


Major parties lose in WA election

There could be a cross bench of up to eight minor-party Senators.


Federal debt ceiling removed

A deal between the Coalition and the Greens will see the removal of the Federal Government’s debt ceiling.


Treasury urges debt limit increase

Treasury has urged the parliament to stop playing politics and to lift the debt ceiling immediately.

The big gamble

The multi-party climate committee’s decision to place a starting price of $23 per tonne on carbon dioxide is nothing short of gutsy. While the Greens and independent MPs may be held marginally responsible at the next election, the Australian Labor Party (ALP) will be the one feeling the wrath of the Australian voter.