Grief and Loss

What to say to a grieving person

Here are some pro tips on what to avoid saying to someone grieving, and what you can say or do instead.

Health news

When grief undermines your health

Doctors believe grief can weaken the immune system, making people prone to infections such as colds or shingles.

Health news

The empty chair at Christmas

This time of year can make the loss of a loved one sting a little bit more than usual. However, these five tips may help you cope with your loss this Christmas.

Tributes and celebrations

No shame in grieving for celebrities

Often when we think about grieving it’s in regards to the passing of our family members and friends. The concept of mourning those who we did not know personally might seem strange, but it is a very real phenomenon. This year many influential artists, performers and public figures have passed away. The death of a high-profile individual, such as David Bowie or Muhammad Ali, can have a profound effect on us.

Mental Health

Grief – is it depression?

While grief and depression are not the same, they do share a few signs and symptoms. So how can you distinguish one form the other?

Grief and Loss

What kind of death do you want?

Death is inevitable – which is all the more reason for us to remember that in many instances we have a choice about the type of death we have, if not about the timing.


Euthanasia back in the spotlight

A lively debate on the ABC’s Q&A last night has once again pushed the subject of voluntary assisted dying into the spotlight.

Pre-paid funerals

Time for some contemporary comfort

Baby boomers really have changed the world. And with a willingness to embrace change and be involved, they have very definite ideas about the type of funeral they want.

Pre-paid funerals

Comfort not just for you

Did you know that you could arrange a White Lady Funeral prepaid funeral for a dependant? This can be of great assistance to those who are helping to look after someone with high care needs or who is about to go into care.

Pre-paid funerals

Your wishes and finances covered

A prepaid funeral from White Lady Funerals is not just an ideal way to provide for the care of loved ones after we are gone, it is also an ideal way to care for our families financially.

Pre-paid funerals

Your funeral wishes guaranteed

Do you have an idea for your own final send-off? If you do then talking to White Lady Funerals about a prepaid funeral might be a smart thing to do.

Pre-paid funerals

Women who changed an industry

When White Lady Funerals began caring for families in 1987, funeral services were very different. Now after nearly 30 years of showing families that a loved one’s life can be celebrated, we have so many options to say goodbye.

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