GST increase good for pensioners

New research suggests that pensioners and low income earners would be the big winners should the Turnbull Government broaden the GST base or increase the GST rate.


PM Turnbull now targeting super

The Government may be shifting its approach to tax reform, proposing new rules for a single super tax rate which will apply to all Australians regardless of their income.


All taxes up for consideration

Tax concessions that tend to benefit the wealthy and were previously ruled untouchable by Tony Abbott, are now back on the table as the new Prime Minister reveals that nothing is off the table in regards to tax reform.


Cost of imports to skyrocket

To level the playing field between digital and domestic retail sales, the Government plans to increase the GST on imported products purchased online.

Finance News

GST talks back on the table?

Changes to GST are back on the agenda with Treasurer Joe Hockey proposing increasing the tax in order for the states to raise the funds to match expenditure.


Budget 2015/16 – what to expect

Far different to the ‘budget repair job’ of last year, pension changes, new taxes on multinationals, GST on online sales and company tax cuts for small business are expected.

Federal Budget

Towards a fairer tax system

Yesterday a discussion paper on taxation was released with a call for comment, ideas and options on a system with taxes which are lower, simpler and fairer.


GST on food, health and education

Changes to the GST will be considered as part of the taxation white paper process, and may result in a 10 per cent tax on fresh food, health and education.


Paying GST for online shopping

Currently Australians can purchase items online from overseas retailers GST free


GST and pension changes needed

Pensions, asset test inclusion, superannuation contributions and GST all in the firing line.