Most common questions pharmacists are asked

From how to get a good night’s sleep to drinking alcohol while on antibiotics, five pharmacists tell us about their most asked questions.


Five health signs you should not ignore

While a few of these signs and symptoms may be obviously serious, some people just simply wait too long before they address them. So before it’s a little too late, have them checked out.

Men's Health

The top three most feared health checks for men

Are you squeamish about being poked or prodded? There are things you can do to make any invasive test slightly more bearable.

Health Checks

Five best health check websites

To keep yourself in tip-top shape, discover when you should be tested for breast cancer, diabetes, prostate cancer, glaucoma and more.

Health Checks

When should you worry about that mole?

When a mole may indicate a skin cancer it’s important to be able to identify it early. The ABCDE rule can help you to determine whether you should get to a health professional ASAP.

Health & Ageing

Common health checks and how often to have them

Health checks are essential to help prevent and diagnose a range of diseases and conditions. Here is a list of common health checks and how often you need them.

Health Checks

Simple health checks for 2016

Now that you’ve put the busy-ness of the year-end behind you, you should start the New Year in the healthiest way possible. These health checks won’t take long and will give you a focus for 2016.


Complete guide to autumn

As the in-between season, autumn is the perfect time for all those odd jobs which get pushed aside by the heat of summer and the desire to hibernate in winter. Get stuck into home maintenance, have your health checks early, discover Rachel’s foolproof tip for clearing out your wardrobe, find out which preserves are in season and learn a low-cost recipe to keep your skin healthy.


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